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Short and Sweet Funny Jokes

Please enjoy some short and sweet funny jokes beside funny sayings and quotes via this blog post [funny joke title] Importance of a name Peter decided to go skiing with his buddy, Bob. They loaded up Peter’s station wagon and headed north. After driving for a few hours, they got caught in a terrible blizzard. They pulled into a nearby farm house and asked the attractive lady of the house if they could spend the night. “I’m recently widowed,” she explained, “and I’m afraid the neighbors will talk if I let you stay in my house.” “Not to worry,” Peter said, “we’ll be happy to sleep in the barn.” Nine months later, Peter got a letter from the widow’s attorney. He then went up to visit his friend Bob and said, “Bob, do you remember that good-looking widow at the farm we stayed at?” “Yes, I do.” “Did you happen […]


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Dr Sheldon Cooper Quotes The Big Bang Theory

Just relax and enjoy the best of Dr. Sheldon Cooper quotes from The Big Bang Theory  You kniow what they say. Revenge is a dish best served nude ! – Sheldon Cooper They were threatened by my intelligence and too stupid to know that’s why they hated me.- Jim Parsons AKA Dr. Sheldon Cooper I don’t say anything. I merely offer you a facial expression taht suggests you have gone insane. – Jim Parsons AKA Dr. Sheldon Cooper I can’t be impossible – I exist ! believe what you mean to say is – ‘I give up, he is improbable’.- Jim Parsons AKA Dr. Sheldon Cooper I don’t need sleep, i need answers. I need to determine where, in this swamp of unbalanced formulas, squatteth the toad of truth.- Jim Parsons AKA Dr. Sheldon Cooper You have to check your messages. The leaving of a message is one half of a […]


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Cool Hilarious Funny Quotes and Sayings

Its time for you to enjoy hilarious funny quotes and sayings… – I failed in some subjects in exam, but my friend passed in all. Now he is an engineer in Microsoft and i am the owner of Microsoft – Bill Gates – I should just change my voice mail greeting to : “Please hang up and text me”. – I love you more today than yesterday. Yesterday you really pissed me off. – Unknown AKA Anonymous – “When they put unknown at the end of a quote, that means they probably don’t know how to spell anonymous.”-Unknown – I never make stupid mistakes, only very very clever ones… [one of my favorite funny quotes] – Three things a guy want to change about his girl is her last name, address and her viewpoint on men. -Kid Cudi – Thank you for reading this. i’ve officially wasted your time. LOL […]


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